About Us

WELCOME TO K’s Therapeutic Touch LLC!

Our massage therapy center is intentionally designed for you to rejuvenate


Enjoy the Delicate Care

K’s Therapeutic Touch is focused on relieving pain and tension while also improving client full range of motion. A holistic and consultative approach is taken in order to achieve long-term benefits and getting clients relief after every session.

The first session at K’s includes full body work and an analysis of pain points. By working hand in hand with clients we’re able to determine the best path towards making them feel rejuvenated.

Some of the techniques used include Thai Massage, Hot Stones, etc. All are used to meet the clients healing needs.

Krenar Spahiu, K’s lead massage therapist, has been practicing massage therapy for 4 years. Because of his passions for sports and physical fitness, he’s focused his practice on techniques to keep clients feeling healthy.